Day 1 – Kuching, Sarawak

  1. Share your experience and feelings about travelling with your peers.
  2. What have you learnt from the visit to the museum?

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30 thoughts on “Day 1 – Kuching, Sarawak”

  1. Group3- We learnt about the history of Sarawak, Kuching. We went to the cat museum. We also went to the Sarawak museum and learnt that the headhunters would behead their enemies and hang their heads as a trophy, to show how strong and brave they are.


  2. Group 4-LimSi Ya
    I learnt about the history of Kuching from Sarawak museum and I also learnt different types of cats and the name of Kuching is the meaning of cat and how the people of Kuching likes cat a lot. I am very happy to have a chance to play and get to know each other well and taking care of each other,how to share things with each other.


  3. Nadia:I feel happy because you can talk with your friends while learning.I learned the culture of the people in the past.I also learned the different type of cats in the world.I also learned the past of the people who lived in India street.


  4. Angel: I feel very happy that I can come to Sarawak. Iwas very exciting that I can sleep with my freind. I learnt about the history of Sarawak.


  5. Chee Chen:I over come my fear of flight and I learn how kuching and Sarawak name.i also learnt that How people hunt and how they show their bravery.


  6. Group 4:Irfan: I have learnt about the skulls that are hung on top of the longhouse shows how braves the warriors are. I have learnt that the tattoos on the girls wrist shows how beautiful and shows that they are a good at weaving.


  7. Group4-dZulmatin
    What I have learnt was about Sarawak. The longhouse is for the warriors and the more they become greater, the more skulls they would hang. I also learnt about the 14 states of Malaysia and suddenly there was 13 states because Singapore split with Malaysia at 1965.


  8. Group 4: Nelson: I have learnt that in the Longhouse the skulls represent how brace the warrior are.i also learnt that there are 14 types of cats.


  9. Group 4-Umaira
    The traditional tattoos indicates men to be brave and women to beautify.
    The more skulls around in the kampong house means that there are great warriors.


  10. Group 2:
    At the Sarawak museum, we learnt the history of Sarawak, such as how Sarawak got its name and it was once famous for Ilmenite mining. We get to explore the inside of the longhouse. We were particularly interested in the skulls hanging from the ceiling at the living area. According to the guide, the warriors from the tribe killed their enemies and washed their skulls at the river. They then hanged the skulls from the ceiling and smoked them. We also saw the beautiful murals on the wall.
    At the Cat museum, we bought souvenirs. We took a few pictures with the artefacts.
    During the Heritage walk, the guide explained to us that the houses were made of iron at the core and covered by wood. The windows were like doors so to have better ventilation. We passed by the Astana (palace) which is situated beside the paliament house along the Sarawak River. Charles Brook built the Astana as a wedding gift to his wife.


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