Our Educational Learning Journey…

Welcome to our page. We will document our thoughts and learning on our learning journeys.

Sit back and enjoy! 🙂


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13 thoughts on “Our Educational Learning Journey…”

  1. Nadia:I feel happy because you can talk with your friends while learning.I learned the culture of the people in the past.I also learned the different type of cats in the world.I also learned the past of the people who lived in India street.


  2. Angel: I feel very happy that I can come to Sarawak. Iwas very exciting that I can sleep with my freind. I learnt about the history of Sarawak


  3. Chee Chen:I over come my fear of flight and I learn how kuching and Sarawak name.i also learnt that How people hunt and how they show their bravery.


  4. Angel: I feel very happy and excited that I can come to Sarawak and sleep with my friend. Today I learnt that how tha name of Sarawak come form. I also feel very nervous when I am taking the plane as the plane might crash. Today I also learnt about the history of Sarawak.


  5. Victoria: I feel very tired today. We had to walk a lot. I learnt that headhunters behead their enemies and hang them in their house to show how strong they are. I also learnt how the word Sarawak came from. I learnt the history of Sarawak too.


  6. Charlize: I feel very excited today as we can get to know more about the country and our friends through this overseas trip. I hope this trip can let me leave some good memories.


  7. I feel amazed since I learnt so much about their history and wondered about why Sarawak was part of Malaysia even though it is in the geographical it should be part of Indonesia.


  8. Dzulmatin: I feel happy living in Singapore and Sarawak because both of these places are very interactive and there are a lot of interesting buildings and history between these two countries. Whenever I’m in my room with my roommate, we shared our stories and it was interesting. I want to learn more about Sarawak so I can share more stories with my roommate.


  9. Melvin: I enjoy living in Sarawak,Kuching because there are so many stories and I like to live in a hotel with my roommate because I can share what I learnt


  10. Siyi- I am happy that I can sleep with my friend and get to know them better.I am also happy that I can come to Sarawak and learn about their history and culture.


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