Day 3

  1. Reflect on the things that you’ve learnt during your trip to Gunung Gading and Semenggoh.
  2. What have you learnt having to be independent for the past 3 days?
  3. What will you share with your peers upon returning back to Singapore?

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10 thoughts on “Day 3”

  1. Group 4-Chi Ling
    Today we went to a wildlife centre to see how orangutan survive in the wild.And some other animals,my favourite part of the journey was when I saw the orangutan feeding its baby bananas.
    After that we to a jungle hill for trekking,I saw many small animals and plants.We saw the buds of the rafflesia.
    At night we went to the shopping mall to eat dinner.
    So far I liked it.
    The End


  2. Charlize and Siti:
    1. We learnt that the animals in the Gunung Gading and Semenggoh are afraid of predators and only appear if its surroundings are quiet.
    2. We learnt to prepare early , sleep early , packing our own things and going to the place that the teacher want on time.
    3. We will share with them the things we learnt about Sarawak and its history. For example : the Iban’s people , how the city got its name.


  3. Group 4 -Irfan,Nelson,Melvin. Today we went to the wild life centre and the Gunung Gading Park.At the wild life centre,We enjoyed the feeding time for the babies of the orangutan as the Mother peel of the coconut husk for the baby.At the Gunung Gading Park,we enjoyed trekking and helping my friends up the cave as the soil is too soft due to the rain. We saw the bud of the Rafflesia and other kinds of bugs at the trees.We like the mountain view the most as it is beautiful.


  4. Irwan, Zann and Husni:
    1.I learnt that orangutan use the coconut to hit the tree to drink the juice,the baby’s follow what the moms do and follow the action when they grow up.
    2.I learnt how to wake up on time without any people waking us up,pack our own clothes and we prepare for the next day.

    3.We will share the things what we learnt about the orang iban’s people and the longhouse they live at.They also have the skulls they collocted to show that they are a warrior and information about different cats
    from the cat museum.We will also share about how different kind of tatoos represent different kind of meaning.


  5. Orang Utans are very smart as they are able to build nestS on trees,I learn that monkeys are 97% human, I learnt that the young urangutans
    learn how to break coconut from their parents.
    I learn to wake up early, I learn to wake up early and pack things on my own.i learnt that we must be able to depend on ourselves,I will share how the hotel looks like,I will share how great the hotel is and the places we visited, I will share whatever things I have experienced.from Lee Zhi Ren,Imran and mandelsonn.


  6. Group 3: At Semenggoh Wild Life Reserve, we learnt that the Orang Utan are smart in terms of survival. We realised that Orang Utan are in the brink of extinction due to deforestation or Human.We also found that human actions can impact the wildlife. We realised the importance of conserving the Orang Utan and their habitat. We also went to Gunung Gading Nature Park. Over there, we saw the bud( not butt) of the rafflesia and learnt that they were not usually found in a secondary forest( a type of forest that was cut down and then grown back). Hence, it is important to conserve the forests in order to preserve the rafflesia. Mrs Ong taught us that we should be focused when we are walking the trail as we distracted her while she was climbing the rocks seriously( she as clumsy).


  7. Group 4: LimSiYa, Umeko and Umaira
    We learnt about how wildlife animals survive in the wildlife park, the animals is called orang utan.They feed with coconut, sweet potato, banana and durian to make them fat to survive in the wild without food.
    We saw the famous giant flower in Sarawak, Rafflesia. It is smelly to attract the fruit flies.They are very fragile once you lay a finger on it, it will break apart and die. We exprianced walking in a real life rainforest in Kuching, it is very dangerous but it is interesting and adventurous. One of the most memorable thing is when I(Siya) fell because it is very slippery, so you must be careful. Another memorable we experienced is when we worked as a team and took care of each other. We got to sing along to our favourite songs in the bus.


  8. Group 4- Dzulmatin
    Today, we went to the wildlife centre to look at how the orangutan live in the jungle. It was very amusing to see the orangutan feeding the baby bananas.
    Then, we went to the gunung gading and we went for trekking there. There were many small insects, plants and more. There was also rafflesia that was trying to bloom.
    I had such a fun day.
    The End.


  9. Group 1:
    Semenggoh wildlife reserve:
    We saw orang utans at the wildlife park. We learn about rehabilitation Programme where the orang utans are allowed to adapt to their surrounding. In that way, they can return the wild safely, being able to protect themselves and find food on their own.
    We also learn about the life cycle of the orang utan and we observe that the Mother takes care of the young, She was drinking from a coconut which she cracked open by hitting it against the tree. In this way, the young orang utan can observe and learn how to crack open a coconut. We also learnt to maintain silence in the reserve so as not to frighten the animals there. We found it fun and enriching because we get to see the orang utan in its natural habitat. We can share our new found knowledge with our friends and families.

    Gunung Gading National Park:
    First thing that we saw is the mountain. I found the mountain impressive because it is the first time seeing a mountain for some of us. On our way up, we learn about the life cycle of the rafflesia and some interesting facts about it. For instance, we know that the rafflesia named after Sir Stamford Raffles. We also know that the life cycle is about nine months. We went for a hike through the primary forest of Gunung Gading. We get to see the lantern bug, sting bees, vines and also got to the song of cicadas. We had to be careful as we made our through the forest as the forest floor was wet and slippery. We got to see the bud of the rafflesia at its different stages of growth. We were also apprehensive about how to climb past the rocks as the passage between the rocks was very narrow. We saw a tree with a cavity and we took the opportunity to take some pictures there. Then we made our down the forest, back to the base.

    Learning to be independent:
    Martin: I learn how to sleep on my own without my parents’ company.
    Daniel: I learn how to keep myself clean by showering on my own and brushing my teeth.
    Angel: I learn how to stay safe when we are going through the activities by listening to the instructions of the guide carefully.
    Chee Chen: I learn how to keep hydrated by drinking water regularly.
    Nadia: I learn to take ownership of taking care of my own things by checking my day pack to ensure that all the items are in it.
    Vinothan: I learn to fold my own clothes and pack them accordingly into my luggage.
    Jia Wei: I learn how to spend my money wisely by not spending all of it at one time.

    Sharing of experiences:
    We would recommend this trip to our friends as there are interesting activities such as dancing, as well as learn how different ethnic groups live peacefully together. The food such as the kueh lapis and the lemon fish was fantastic. It is definitely worth a try.


  10. Si Yi -I learnt that the Orang Utans are very smart,I am also very happy that I can saw them eating the fruit – coconut,durian,sweet potato and bananas.


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